Card dispenser and card collector as combination device

Our card dispenser with card collector are combined devices for processing large quantities for cards. This encoding stations are build in a modular system. The various options covers a wide range of requirements and offers a very flexible system. So they can be customized to exactly meet your requirements. All our products are of high quality and and very compact designed which makes them durable and low-maintenance. Every product has a product key which shows all the possible configuration options.

All our dispensers have a unique klutch system, which ensures the single output of the card and prevents card jams in the device. In addition we have dispensers with a special push-mechanism insted of rollers. This is very suitable for cards which are difficult to be separated, such as very frequently used cards in e.g. cantine or car wash. Also for cards which are statcally charged and stick together the push-mechanism is the perfect solution and prevents maintenance time.

Also for wrapped cards we offer a solution, even if they have no standard size. And the dispenser with exchange cartrigdes are particularly suitable for applications which are highly frequented. They allow a very quick refill of the card dispenser.

A lot of our dispensers have a card capture function. The cards are captured and stored below the devics. This application is for error cards, returned cards or  card which are left in the device (e.g. customer forgets to take the card out).

Our devices are successfully used in the market since many years. We would be pleased to consult you personally!