Project Description

KYT-2200C Card dispenser with feeder and cartridge

KYT-2200C Card dispenser

The KYT-2200C card dispenser with feeder and exchange cartridge for up to 500 cards. The device dispense and can also collect cards e.g. the customer don´t picked it or the card is faulty. The collected cards will be separated in a box or under the dispenser. The useful exchange cartridge allows a quick refill of the device.

Another option is the low-card sensor, which gives a warning signal to ensure the refill with cards in time. Further we offer a “card drop” version where the card is droped out of the device, and a “pick-up” version where the card remains in the dispenser until it´s picked. The feeder of the KYT-2200C is prepared for the assembly with an external module like RFID reader, barcode reader or a camera.

  • KYT-2200C card dispenser

  • The KYT-2200C card dispenser for up to 500 cards (0,76 mm).
  • The useful exchange cartridge allows a quick refill with cards.
  • With card capture function and feeder.
  • Prepared for assembly with external modules: RFID, barcode or camera.
  • High reliability with robust structure and low-maintenance.
  • With a unique clutch system to prevent card jam.
  • Card with thickness between 0,2 mm – 1,00 mm can be processed.
  • Optional with low card warning sensor for 75, 50 or 25 cards or empty.
  • Available with the interfaces RS-232, RS-422 or TTL.

Description Note
Model KYT-2200C card dispenser
Magazin Cartidge
Card transportation Roller (rubber)
Card thickness 0,2 mm – 1,0 mm
Card size ISO 781085,725 mm x 53,975 mm

3,375″ x 2,125″

Magazine capacity 200, 300, 500 cards
Interface RS-232, RS-422, TTL
Low-card warning sensor optional at 20, 45, 75 cards with Dip-Switch
Card-empty sensor Yes
Card capture function Yes
Shutter optional
Bezel optional
Further Options Card Drop Version

Separate box for collected cards

(higher frame)

Power supply DC 24V (+-5%)
Dimensions 200 cards : 125 x 315  x 302 mm

300 cards : 125 x 315  x 378  mm

500 cards : 125 x 315  x 531  mm

Bezel= +13 mm

Shutter= +30,2 mm