Project Description

TFT-2000 RFID card reader with encoder

TFT-2000 RFID card reader

The TFT-2000 RFID card reader and encoder for 125 MHz and 13,56 MHz RFID cars. This  model can be used as a desktop device or also suitable as wall mounting. This device can process different card types, is very compact designed and durable. With automatic card search function and low power consumption. Available with the interfaces RS-232, USB, PS/2, TCP/IP.

  • TFT-2000 RF-Kartenleser TFT-2000 RFID card reader

  • TFT-2000 RFID card reader and encoder with housing.
  • For RFID cards with 125 KHz and 13,56 MHz.
  • With solid and compact design for desktop or wall mounting.
  • Automatic card search function.
  • Availalbe with the interfaces RS-232, USB, PS/2 and TCP/IP.

Description Note
Model/Series TFT-2000 RFID reader+encoder
RFID cards 125 KHz – EM 4100…13,56 MHz ISO 14443A

13,56 MHz ISO 14443B

13,56 MHz ISO 15693

13,56 MHz Mifare

Reading distance 0-70 mm
Card search Automatisch
Interface RS-232, USB, PC/2, TCP/IP
Dimensions 122 x 9 9x 22 mm
Weight 133 g
Input Voltage 5,5 V DC, ±5%, 150 mA