Project Description

KYT-9600 Card dispenser with 6 magazines or exchange cartridges

KYT-9600 Card dispenser

The KYT-9600 card dispenser with 6 card magazines, stacker type or exchange cartridges, for up to 3.000 cards. The magazines are controllable separately and allows the dispensing of six different card types. If only one card type is filled the devices changes the magazine automatically if one is empty. The exchanges cartridges allows a quick and easy refilling of the dispenser. The robust and compact design makes the KYT-9600 suitable for installation in machines with low hight.

This dispenser is equipped with several sensors and so enables an intelligent monitoring of all card processes like low card warning and card empty waring. Further card can be returned into the dispenser (card capture function) in  case they are defective. The baud rate changes automatically (9600 bps – 38.400 pbs). The unique clutch system ensures the single output of every card and prevents card jam.

  • The KYT-9600 card dispenser with 6 magazines for up to 3.000 cards (6×500).
  • Optional with stacker type card magazine or exchange cartridge.
  • Card magazines are controllable separately, up to 6 different card types can be dispensed.
  • The unique clutch system ensures the singel card output (no card jam).
  • Intelligent monitoring of all card processes like low card and card empty warning.
  • With card capture function for return of defective cards.
  • Automatic baud rate change (9600 bps – 38.400 pbs).
  • Available with the interfaces RS-232 oder USB.

Description Note
Model/Typ KYT-9600 card dispenser 6 magazines
Card magazine stacker or exchange cartridge
 Card transportation Roller
 Card thickness 0,22 – 1,0 mm
 Card size ISO 7810

85,725 x 53,975 mm

 Card magazine capacity 6 x 100 (only stacker type)

6 x 200, 6 x 300, 6 x  500

 cards (0,76 mm)
 Interface RS-232, USB
Card empty sensor Ja
Bau Rate Automatic change 9600-38400 bps (only RS-232)
 Card capture function Yes
 Dimensions  Stacker type

6 x 100 cards =   600

6 x 200 cards = 1.200

6 x 300 cards = 1.800

6 x 500 cards = 3.000

Exchange cartridge:

6 x 100 cards = not available

6 x 200 cards = 1.200

250,8 x 427,3 x 300 mm

6 x 300 Karten =1.800

250,8 x 427,3 x 395 mm

6 x 500 Karten = 3.000

250,8 x 427,3 x 545 mm

 Power consumption DC 24V (+-5%)