Project Description

TIM-1000 Ticket printer fanfold magnetic paper tickets

TIM-1000 Ticket printer

The TIM-1000 ticket printer for fanfold magnetic paper tickets. This model was designed to ticket applications like, toll collection, ticket vending machines, public transportation or parking management. The integrated card reader can read and encode magnetic cards with HiCo or LoCo. The card will be printed with thermal direct method with 200 dpi resolution for best printing results.

The high operating speed of 340 mm/second allows to finish the process of printing and encoding within 1,8 seconds. The device encodes, checkes the encoding and print the card in one work step. In case a card should be defective, this model is able to sort this card out and drop it in a separate box. The clamshell design of this printer allows a quick and easy maintenance. Optional available with bezel or shutter.

  • TIM-1000 Ticketdrucker TIM-1000 Ticket printer

  • The TIM-1000 ticket printer for fanfold magnetic tickets.
  • For reading and encoding magnetic cards HiCo and LoCo.
  • With longlife magnetic head for 3 mio. passes.
  • Card printing with thermal direct method with 200 dpi resolution.
  • For single or dual ticket charge available.
  • High speed card processing within 1,8 sec per card.
  • With card capture function for e.g. defective cards.
  • Optional with bezel or shutter.
  • With RS-232 or USB interface.

Description Note
Model/Typ TIM-1000 Ticket printer
Kartentyp Fanfold magnetic cards Leporello
Card size ISO 7810

85,725 x 53,975 mm

Card thickness  0,18 – 0,22 mm
Magnetic cards ISO 7811


3 Spuren

reading + encoding

Magnetic head Longlife 3 Mio. passes reading + encoding
Printer Thermal direct printer

200 dpi resolution

Printing head 50 km (lifetime)
Cutter 60 mm cutting edge (500.000 cards)
Printing speed 50 mS/line
Card capture function Yes
Bezel optional
Shutter  optional
Interface RS-232 oder USB
Power consumption DC 24V (+-5%)