Project Description

BIS-1000 Card dispenser with encoder and barcode reader

BIS-1000 Card dispenser

The BIS-1000 Card dispenser and collector with card reader/encoder for magnetic, chip, RFID cards and barcode reader. This encoding system has a card dispenser for up to 500 cards, an encoding station and a card collector for up to 500 cards. In case a card should be defective the system is able to sort this card out. This card will be separated over a card switch and stored under the system in a external box. Available with the interface RS-232.

The following barcodes can be processed: QR-Code, All UPC/EAN/JAN, EAN128, Code 39, Code 39 Full ASCII, Code 32/Italian Pharmacy, Code 128, CODABAR/NW7, Interleave 25, Industrial 25, Matrix 25,  MSI/PLESSEY, Telepen, Code 9, Code 113, China Postage, Code 26, Code 25, GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional, GS1 DataBar Limited, GS1 DataBar Expanded, QR Code.

  • The BIS-1000 card dispenser with collector and encoder/reader.
  • This model can process magnetic, chip, RFID and barcode cards.
  • All common barcodes can be processed.
  • With sorting function for defective cards.
  • With build in sensors for low-card and magzine empty/full warning.
  • Available with the interface RS-232.

Description Note
Model/Typ BIS-1000 Encoding station
Card mgazine Stacker
Card transportation Roller
Card thickness 0,76 – 1,0 mm
Card size ISO 7810

85,725 x 53,975 mm

Magnetic cards 3 track reading + encoding

HiCo + LoCo, ISO 7810-13

Chip cards ISO 7816

reading + encoding

RFID cards ISO 14443A Mifare or comp.

reading + encoding

Barcode reader 1D/2D reading
Card magazine capacity 2 x 300 , 2 x 500 cards

with side door for lateral refill

Interfaces RS-232, RS-422
Card empty sensor Yes
Low card warning sensor Yes
Sort out function Yes defective cards
Box for sort out cards Yes
Card slide optional
Dimensions 200 cards

168,3 x 578,6 x 306 mm

300 cards

168,3 x 578,6 x 386 mm

500 cards

168,3 x 578,6 x 546 mm

Power input AC 110V-AC 220V