Card dispenser for plastic cards

Card Dispenser

All our products are of high quality and with robust, industrial structure. This ensures durable devices with low-maintenance. The design is very compact to facilitate the istallation in e.g. kiosk systems. All dispensers are designed in a modular system, which allows to combine them with other devices like card readers etc. We also offer complete encoding stations. All devices can be customized individually, to meet your exact requirement.

Every product has a product key, which shows the configuration capabilities. We offer card dispenser with single card magazine or multi magazines. Another option is the cartridge version which allows a very quick cartridge exchange. This option is suitable for highly frequented application areas.

Further all our dispensers have a unique klutch systems, which ensures the single card dispensing and prevents card jam. In addition we also have dispensers with a push-mechanism instead of rollers. This is suitable for cards which are difficult to be separated e.g. application like cantines or car wash stations.

Another option in many devices it the card capture function. If cards should be taken back or if e.g the customer don´t take a card out, the card will be moved back in the dispenser and dropped into a separate box.

Our products are successfully in use in the market since many years. Don´t hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to advice you personally.