Project Description

KYT-2000 Card dispenser with dual magazine

KYT-2000 Card dispenser

The KYT-2000 card dispenser with dual card magazine for up to 1.000 cards. This model has two card magazines which can be controlled selectively. Thus two different card types can be dispensed out of one device. The unique clutch system prevents card jam in general. The solid and robust stucture have made this model a proven product since many year in the parking sector and also for payment cards.

Further cards can be collected (card capture function) if they are defective or were not taken out by the customer. The dispenser allwos an intelligent monitoring of all card processes like: low card level, card empty and error card bin (for captured cards) full. Also the baud rate changes automatically from 9600 pbs to 19.200 pbs. The KYT-2000 is available with the interfaces RS-232 or TTL.

  • KYT-2000 card dispenser

  • The KYT-2000 card dispenser with dual magazine capacity for up to 1.000 cards (0,76 mm)
  • Two selectivly controllable magazines allows the dispensing of two card types.
  • The unique clutch system prevents card jam in general.
  • The card capture function returns cards (e.g. defective) into the device.
  • Captured cards are restored in the capture box.
  • Low card level or empty magazine are singnaled by the dispenser.
  • Also if the capture box is full the device will report it.
  • With automatic baud rate change 9600 bps – 19200 bps.
  • With robust and solid structure for long life with low-maintenance.
  • Available with the interfaces RS-232 und TTL.

Description Note
 Model/Typ KYT-2000 card dispenser dual magazine
 Card magazine Stacker
 Card transportation Roller
 Card tickness  0,2 – 1,0 mm
 Card size ISO 7810 / 85,725 x 53,975 mm
Magazine capacity 400 (2×200), 600 (2×300)

1000(2×500) cards

 Interface RS-232, TTL
Low card warning sensor Yes
Card empty sensor Yes
Card capture function Yes
Capture box Yes defective cards
Card level sensor capture box Yes
Card slide insted of capture box optinal
 Dimesnions 2 x 200 cards 234 x 163 x 302 mm

2 x 300 cards 234 x 163 x 377 mm

2 x 500 cards 234 x 163 x 542 mm

 Power consumption DC 24V (+-5%)