Project Description

DOC-800 Card dispenser for 100 cards

DOC-800 Card dispenser

DOC-800 Card dispenser for 100 cards (0,76mm). This very small card dispenser is the ideal solution for compact automation. It has a robust and very comact structure with low-maintenance but is very durable. The material friendly card transportation happens with rubber roller and prevents scratches on the cards. The card dispenser is driven with gear wheels instead of belts, whereby the wear part replacement is reduced to a minimum. It is available with a TTL-interface.

  • DOC-800 card dispenser for 100 cards (0,76 mm).
  • Robust structure with low-maintenace.
  • Very compact design for space saving integration.
  • Material friendly card transportation with rubber roller.
  • Driven with gear wheels instead of belt for less maintenance.
  • Available with TTL interface.

Description Note
 Typ DOC-800 card dispenser
 Dimension W 92mm x H 142mm x D 133mm
Interface TTL
 Magazine capacity  up to 100 cards (0,76 mm)

up to  400 cards (0,22 mm)

Card thickness  0,22 – 0,8 mm
 Card size  54,0 mm x 85,5 mm Standard card type
 Power supply  DC 24V