Project Description

TAM-1000 Ticketprinter for paper tickets with magnetic stripe

TAM-1000 Ticketprinter

The TAM-1000 Ticketprinter for paper tickets with magnetic stripe. This model was specially designed for parking, public transportation and toll applications. The printer has a resolution of 200 dpi for best printing results and is equipped with a magnetic encoder for all three magnetic tracks.

With front-in and fron-out and either front-in and rear-out function. Further with card capture function to return error tickets. The long-life and solid stepper motor for high speed card transportation with 350 mm/sec and card printing 55 mS per line. Optional with Bezel or shutter and also housing is available. With clamshell body for and LCD display for easy operation and maintenance.

  • TAM-1000 Ticketdrucker TAM-1000 Ticketprinter

  • The TAM-1000 ticketprinter for magnetic papertickets.
  • For magnetic stripe reading and encoding in HiCo and/or LoCo.
  • For thermal direct printing with 200 dpi resolution.
  • High printing speed of 50 mm/sec and line.
  • With clamshell body for easy maintenance.
  • With error card capture function to return cards.
  • Optional with bezel or shutter.
  • Optional as housing version available.
  • Available with the interfaces RS-232 or USB.

Description Note
Model/Typ TAM-1000 Ticketprinter
Card type Papertickets with

thermal sensitive coating


Card size ISO 7810

85,725 x 53,975 mm

Card thickness 0,18 – 0,22 mm
Magnetic cards ISO 7811

reading + encoding

HiCo or LoCo

Magnetic head 3 Mio. passes
Printer Thermal direct printer
Printing resolution 200 dpi
Printing speed 50 m/s line
Lifetime printing head 50 km
Bezel optional
Shutter optional
Housing optional
Card capture function Yes
Interface RS-232 or USB
Power consumption DC 24V (+-5%)