Project Description

KYT-7700 Card reader for magnetic, chip and RFID cards


The KYT-7700 card reader for magnetic, chip and RFID cards. This insertion card reader can read all 3 magnetic tracks and read and encode chip cards, SAM cards and RFID cards. Optional with card lock function for trouble-free card operation. After the card process the device will unlock the card and it can be taken by the customer. In case of a power failure of course the card will be unlocked automatically. This card reader is suitable for applications like access control, gaming and casino. Available with the interfaces RS-232 and USB.

  • KYT-7700 Kartenlesegerät KYT-7700 Card reader

  • The KYT-7700 insertion card reader with encoder.
  • For all 3 track magnetic card reading.
  • Chip, SAM and RFID card can be read and encoded.
  • With two metal bezel versions available: flat or flush.
  • With card lock function for trouble-free card operation.
  • In case of power-failure automatic release function.
  • Available with the interfaces RS-232  or USB.

Description Note
Model/Typ KYT-7700 card reader
Magnetic cards ISO 7811, 3 track reading
Chip cards ISO 7816, landing contacts

reading + encoding

RFID cards ISO 14443, Mifare or comp.

reading + encoding

Card size ISO 7810

85,725 x 53,975 mm

SAM-Slot optional 2 or 4 Slots
Card lock function Automatic card lock function

Automatic card feed when unlocked

Automatic card release power-failure

Interfaces RS-232 or USB
Dimensions flat bezel          81 x 50 x 128,1 mm

flush bezel    104, 7 x 131,5 x 78,7 mm

Bezel flat or flush
Power consumption 5V DC +-5%