Project Description

KYT-1000 Feeding machine with RFID or barcode option


The KYT-1000 Feeding machine with RFID or barcode option. This device can dispense and also return cards with the card capture function. This cards will be droped under the device or can be dispensed in the rear of the feeder.

Available optinally with an RFID card reader/encoder (KYT-1100) or with a barcode reader 1D/2D (BYT-1000). This model is also prepared for external modules like customers RFID reader or camera.

  • KYT-1000 KYT-1000 Feeding machine

  • The KYT-1000 feeding machnine for plastic cards.
  • Prepared for external modules like RFID or barcode reader.
  • With card capture function to return cards e.g. they are defective.
  • Returned cards can be sorted out and droped under the device or in the rear.
  • Optional with bezel or shutter.
  • Available with the interfaces RS-232, RS-422 or TTL.

Description Note
Model/Type KYT-1000 Feeding machine
Card transportation Roller
Card thickness 0,22 – 1,0 mm
Card size ISO 7810

85,725 x 53,975 mm

 RFID cards ISO 14443 Mifare or compatibel

reading + encoding

Interface RS-232, RS-422,  TTL
Bezel optional
Shutter optional
Card capture function Yes
Card drop function optional
Card slide optional
Dimensions Without card capture function:

112,1 x 135 x 106,6 mm

With card capture function:

116,9 x 135 x 106,6 mm

Bezel + 17 mm

Shutter + 30,2 mm

Power consumption DC 24V (+-5%), 1500 mA