Insertion card reader for magnetic, chip and RFID cards.

Here you find our insertion card reader for magentic, chip and RFID cards in many different versions. We offer build-in versions and further two devices as desktop version in housing. Our devices are very compact, long-life and low-maintenance. The various options allows the exact configuration of the card reader to the customers requirement.

The hybrid insertion reader allows the processing of different card types in one device. Thus they conver a wide range of requirements. Options like the card-lock ensures the trouble-free data processing. The card can´t be removed during the reading operation. So the secure card processing is assure.

In addition some of our products also have the EMV certification. This makes them well prepared for applications like payment systems.

Our products are used successfully in the market since many year for applications e.g. access control, gaming, kiosk or vending machines.