Card dispenser with encoder

Our card dispenser with encoder are designed in a modular system, so they can be combined with other devices. Thus they can be customized to the exact requirements. The dispenser are of high quality and very compact which makes them durable with low-maintenance. Through the various  options we offer a very flexible system which covers a wide range of requirements. Every device has a product key, which shows all the possible options.

The devices can also be combined with a thermal printer. This printer brings a monochrome print of high quality onto the card. Therefore you only need thermal rewrite cards with a thermao sensitive surface. No other consumables like color ribbons are neccessary. This cards can be reprinted up to 500 times with characters or graphics.

All our devices have a unique clutch system wich ensures the single dispensing of the cards and prevents card jam in the device. In addition we offer products with a push-mechanism. This is very suitable for cards which are frequently used like e.g. in cantines or car wash stations. Also cards which are statically charged and difficult to separate, can be handled with this push-mechanism. This way maintenance time can be prevented.

The dispenser with a cartridge magazine a very suitable for applications which are highly frequented. The cartridges allows a very quick refill of the dispenser.

Some of our dispensers also have a card capture function for cards which should be taken back or were e.g. nocht collected from the customer. This cards will be sorted out from the device and put in a separate box. Optionally they can also be transported over a card slide into a separate extern box below the device.