Project Description

CIM-1800 Card dispenser with RFID encoder

CIM-1800 Card dispenser

The CIM-1800 Card dispenser with encoder for RFID cards (contactless chip cards ISO 14443). This dispenser has a stacker type card magazine for up to 500 cards capacity. The card thickness is adjustable from 0,2 – 1,0 mm very easily by the enduser itself. Out unique clutch system prevents card jam and ensures the single output of every card. The CIM-1800 allows the intelligent monitoring of all card processes like card position, low card and card empty warning.

Futher cards which are defective or were not collected by the customer, can be returned into the device with the card capture function. Another option is the bezel or a shutter to prevent vandalism. Also a card drop function is available if the card should be dispensed into a take out port of a vending machine. This dispenser can be combined with a thermal rewrite printer.

  • CIM-1800 Kartenspender mit Kodierer CIM-1800 card dispenser

  • The CIM-1800 card dispenser with encoder for RF-cards (contacless chip cards ISO 14443).
  • Card magazine capacity for up to 500 cards (0,76 mm).
  • Fast card processing incl. read/write funciton 2,3-4 sec. per cards.
  • With card capture function and capture card box.
  • Intelligent monitoring of all card processes with own micro processor.
  • Warning in case of low card, card empty, capture box full and also card position.
  • The unique clutch system ensures the single output of every card (no card jam).
  • Easy to adjust card thickness between 0,2 – 1,0 mm.
  • Compact and robust design for long-life with low maintenance.
  • Available with the interface RS-232.

Description Note
Model/Typ CIM-1800 Card dispenser with RFID encoder
Card magazine Stacker
 Card transportation Roller
 Card thickness 0,22 – 1,0 mm
 RFID card reader/encoder ISO 14443A Mifare
Card size ISO 7810
Card magazine capacity 100, 200, 300, 500 cards
Interface RS-232
Card empty sensor Yes
Auffangbox optional
Shutter electr. optional
Bezel optional
Further options Higher frame for card capture box

Thermal printer

Card drop function

Dimensions 100 cards 155 x 286 x 170 mm

200 cards  155 x 286 x 256 mm

300 cards  155 x 286 x 336 mm

500 cards  155 x 286 x 486 mm

Bezel + 13 mm

Shutter + 30,2 mm

Power consumption DC 24V (+-5%)