Project Description

CIP-6000 Card printer with RF encoder and 2 exchange cartridges

CIP-6000 Card printer

The CIP-6000 Card printer with RFID encoder and two exchange cartridges for up to 1.000 cards. This card dispenser with printer offers many configuration options. The two separately controllable cards magazines allows the dispensing of two different card types out of one device. The thermal ReWrite printer needs no consumables like color ribbons or toner, but only thermal ReWrite cards. This cards can be printed, the pint erased and re-printed up to 500 times.

This model is also available with an RFID reader/encoder for ISo 14443 cards (Mifare or compatible). Either the card transportation is available in two versions, CIP-1800 with rubber roller or CHP-1800 with push-type mechanism. In case a card should be defective, the dispenser can sort it out and drop it under the dispenser into an external box. Further options are a bezel or a shutter as protection against vandalism. With RS-232 or USB interface.

  • CIP-6000 Kartendrucker mit RF-Kodierer und 2 Wechselmagazinen CIP-6000 Card printer

  • The CIP-600 card pritner with two exchange cartridges for up to 1.000 cards.
  • RFID encoder/reader for ISO 14443 cards ( Mifare or compatibel).
  • Separately controllable card magazines, for two card type dispensing.
  • No consumables like color ribbons or toner for printing necessary
  • For printing on thermal ReWrite cards (thermo sensitive coat).
  • This cards ca be reused up to 500 times.
  • Available with roller or push-type for card transportation.
  • With card capture function for e.g. defective cards.
  • Further options: bezel, shutter and HiCo/LoCo switch.
  • With RS-232 interface.

Description Note
Model/Typ CIP-600 card printer
Card magazine 2 exchange cartridges
Card transportation Roller
Card thickness 0,76 – 1,0 mm
Card size ISO 7810 / 85,725 x 53,975 mm
RFID cards ISO 14443 Mifare or compatibel

reading + encoding

Printer Thermal ReWrite

300 dpi, characters or graphic

horizontal or vertikal printing

Card magazine capacity 2 x 300 = 287 x 396 x 360 mm

2 x 500 = 287 x 396 x 518 mm

Interface RS-232
Card empty sensor Yes
Low card warning sensor 20, 50, 75 cards
Card capture function Yes
Capture card box optional
Shutter optional
Bezel optional
Dimensions    600 cards 151 x 511 x 303 mm

1.000 cards 151 x 511 x 475 mm

Bezel + 18 mm

Shutter + 31 mm

Power consumption DC 24V (+-5%)