Project Description

TBSR-2000 card reader module chip + RFID 60% insertion type

TBSR-2000 card reader

The TBSR-2000 card reader module is a 60% insertion type for chip and RFID cards. Optional with SAM-card reader and encoder on board. Further available with buzzer for acoustic signal as a feedback after card processing. Knows in applications like access control, when the card is read you hear a short acoustic signal before the door opens. This module is available with the interfaces RS-232 and USB.

  • TBSR-2000 Kartenleser TBSR-2000 card reader

  • TBSR-2000 is a 60% insertion card reader.
  • Card reader and encoder for chip and RFID cards.
  • Chip cards  ISO 7816 and RFID cards  ISO 14443 A+B.
  • Optional with SAM card reader on board.
  • With buzzer for acoustic feedback after card processing.
  • Available with the interfaces RS-232 and USB.

Description Note
Model/Series TBSR-2000 card reader + encoder
Card size ISO 7810 , ID1
Chip cards ISO 7816, CPU T=0, T=1,

AT24C01, 24C02,-24C256

SLE4442, SLE 4428

reading + encoding

RFID cards ISO 14443A, 13,56 MHZ contactless IC card

Mifare M1 Serie S50, S70, UL

ISO 14443B CPU card

reading + encoding

SAM cards reading + encoding

1 SAM-slot on board

Acoustic signal Buzzer controllable by software
Baudrate 9600-115200 bps

controllable by software

Interface RS-232 or USB
Dimensions Chip card reader:  68×72 mm

RFID card reader:  68×66 mm

Weight 200 g
Input voltage 5V± 5%, 50 mA