Project Description

CHM-1000 Card dispenser with encoder for magnetic, chip and RFID cards

CHM-1000 Card dispenser

The CHM-1000 Card dispenser with encoder for magnetic, chip and RFID cards (contacless cards). This model is available in two versions, with metal frame or with plastic frame. The plastic frame version is very suitable for contactless RFID card processing, as the trouble-free operation is ensured.

This model is furhter equipped with a push-type mechanism for card transportation. Our pus-type models were disigned specially for cards, which are diffcult to separate because of their material (statically charged) or which are frequently used (canteens, car wash etc.). In case a card was not taken out of the dispenser by the customer, the CHM-1000 has a card capture function, to return the card into the device and stored in a capture card box.

In addition we offer the options bezel or shutter (as protection against dust and vandalism). Also a housing version is available. The CHM-1000 can also be combined with a thermal ReWrite-pinter. This cards can be printed and reprinted up to 500 times, without using consumables like color ribbons or toner. Feel free to ask for more information if you are interested in this version.

  • CHM-1000 Kartenspender CHM-1000 card dispensermit Kodierer

  • The CHM-1000 card dispenser with encoder for magnetic, chip and RFID cards.
  • Available with metal or plastic frame feeder.
  • The plastic version is suitable for DesFire/RFID cards for trouble-free operation.
  • With push-mechanism for difficult to separate cards (statically charged).
  • Easy to adjust card thickness between 0,76 – 1,0 mm.
  • With card capture function and capture card box or card slide.
  • Optional with bezel or shutter (against dust and vandalism)
  • Also available with housing.
  • Further option is the thermal ReWrite printer.

Description Note
Model/Typ  CHM-1000 card dispenser with encoder
Card magazine Stacker
Card transportation push-mechanism no rubber roller
Thickness 0,76 – 1,0 mm
Card size ISO 7810 /  85,725 x 53,975 mm
Magnetic cards 3 track ISO reading + encoding

LoCo or HiCo or autom. switch

Magnetic head Standard 0,5 Mio passes

Longlife magnetic head 3 Mio. passes

(1 pass = 1x forward + 1x back)

Chip cards ISO 7816 Chip cards

contact station reading + encoding

RFID cards (contacless) ISO 14443 Mifare or compatible

reading + encoding

Printer Opional Thermal ReWrite
Card magazine capacity 100, 200, 300, 500 cards
Interface RS-232, RS-422
Card empty sensor Yes card magazine
Low card warning sensor optional for 500 card capacity magazine

warning at: 25, 50, 75 cards

 Card capture funciton Yes
 Capture card box  optional for metal frame version for returned cards
Card slide optional (insted of capture card box) for returned cards
Bezel optional
Shutter electr. optional
Card Drop optional
 Housing optional
 Dimensions (LxWxH) with metal card feeding module:

100 cards 403 x 167 x 161 mm

200 cards 403 x 167 x 237 mm

300 cards 403 x 167 x 323 mm

500 cards 403 x 167 x 495 mm

with plastic card feeding module:

100 cards 508 x 180 x 172 mm

200 cards 508 x 180 x 248 mm

300 cards 508 x 180 x 326 mm

500 cards 508 x 180 x 476 mm

 Power consumption DC 24V