Project Description

KSC-5600 card dispenser with RFID encoder and 2 exchange security cartridges

KSC-5600 card dispesner

The KSC-5600 card dispesner with RFID card reader/encoder and 2 security exchange cartridges for up to 1.000 cards (0,76 mm). This dispenser war developed for value cards e.g. prepaid cards, which requires additional security features. Both card magazines has their own lock and are additionally locked as a whole in the device. This prevents a lost while transportation and storage.

The card magazines are controllable separately, which enables a dispensing of two different card types out of one device. Further the magazines has their own memory for cartridge ID and card quantity inside. The KSC-5600 has an intelligent micro porcessor which allows the monitoring of all card processes.

The dispenser is equipped with and RFID card reader/encoder (contacless cards). Cards which are defective or were not taken by the customer, can be returend into the dispenser. Another option is the card-drop function, which is suitable for vending machines with a take out port. Also the options bezel or shutter are available.

  • KSC-5600 Kartenspender KSC-5600 card dispesner

  • The KSC-5600 card dispesner with 2 security exchange cartridges for up to 1.000 cards.
  • With build in RFID card reader and encoder for ISO 14443 cards.
  • The card magazines has a lock and are lockes as a whole in the device.
  • Magazine with own memory for ID and card quantity inside.
  • Two seletively controllable magazines allows dispensing of two card types.
  • With card capture function to return cards which are e.g. defective.
  • Intelligent monitoring of all card processes like low-card and card empty warning.
  • Further options: card-drop function, bezel or shutter.
  • Available with the interface RS-232.

Description Note
Model/Typ KSC-5600 card dispenser
Card magzine Securtity exchange cartridge
Card transportation Roller
Card thickness 0,76 – 1,0 mm
Card size ISO 7810

85,725 x 53,975 mm

 RFID cards  ISO 14443 Type AMifare 1k, 4k, Plus

Ultralight C, DesFire

reading + encoding

Card magazine capacity 2 x 300, 2 x  500 cards
Interface RS-232
Card empty sensor Yes
Low card warning sensor Yes
Card capture function Yes
Card Drop optional
Mundtück optional
Shutter optional
 Dimensions 2 x 300 cards

371 x 319 x 539 mm

2 x 500 cards

371 x 319 x 689 mm

Power consumption 24V DC, 3A, Standby 140 mA